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Reviews of perl books and useful examples. The Perl Cookbook has many examples of code snippets. This month, I review timezone modules.

Programming Perl Timezone

Time is an important concept that drives almost everything we do. Perl has many inbuilt time functions and you can benefit from the good graces of other programmers who controbute add-on modules. Most of these can be found in CPAN. There is even a Warp module that lets you control time, setting the clock ahead or back or even doubling the speed of time!

The tz Database

The history of local time of many locations is held in the public domain timezone database. This is a dynamic database that changes when local UTC offsets and daylight saving rules are changed. For more in-depth information of the t z (zoneinfo) database, there is a very good overview called Sources for Time Zone and Daylight Saving Time Data.

Perl t z Modules

The Perl DateTime Project distributes code under the GPL and the Perl Artistic License. The module DateTime::TimeZone includes parse_olson - a script that compiles tz source into Perl modules. As always with perl, there is a test script that generates test cases for each clock transition in the tz database. (tests_from_zdump )

Perl Books

The Perl Cookbook has really good examples of the use of Time and timezone. It is probably the most well-used perl book in my library. There are code snippets and also complete programs.


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